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Here are the most common questions and answers, check them out incase you have the same question. If not, get in touch!

Confirming your account
Sometimes the confirmation email can get caught by a spam filter and end in your junk folder, or even worse your email provider may just delete it. If you don't get in, use the settings menu to change your email address and then resent the confirmation again.

Deleting your account
We hate to see people leave but we get a lot of people who hookup and then leave us (others stay but we keep that a secret!). You can delete your account from the settings menu. As soon as you confirm, everything is erased in about 0.01 seconds. It cannot be undone so please be careful! When we delete an account we actually do, would you believe that some of our competition say they do and then keep or sell your data.

VIP memberships
If you have a VIP membership you can cancel your subscription via your chosen payment provider. You have total control and you don't need to ask us for any help to do it. PayPal® users can cancel by logging in to their PayPal accounts and cancelling the subscription. Credit card users via CCBill can visit and cancel by entering 2 out of 3 of the required details.

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Our contact details:

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+44(0)1244 671295 (9am - 5pm UK hours)

Please insert the @ and the . in the correct place. We hate getting spam just as much as you do.

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